Regeneration Framework and themes

A Vision and Strategic Regeneration Framework document (SRF) has been prepared which will stimulate, focus and support activities and developments over the next 10 to 15 years.  It will help structure the town into a more meaningful reconnected whole, focusing on its significant assets and opportunities for change.

The objectives that are sought through the SRF are to transform the perception of Ellesmere Port in order:

  • To attract new investment
  • To harness employment opportunities particularly in the growth sectors
  • To ensure that benefits are maximised for existing residents and businesses
  • To enhance the quality of key gateways, corridors, open space and under-used land
  • To enhance education and skills of local residents

The Strategy has seven themes:

  1. 1. Transforming Perceptions
  2. 2. Transforming the Heart of Ellesmere Port
  3. 3. Rediscovering the Waterfront
  4. 4. Delivering Quality Housing
  5. 5. Delivering Employment Growth
  6. 6. Supporting Businesses and Developing Skills
  7. 7. Connecting Places

Key development zones have been identified and can be seen on the map in the Ellesmere Port Vision & Strategic Regeneration Framework Executive Summary (PDF 6.64MB) :

  • The Town Centre – including The Cross, Shopping Centre and key corridors
  • The Waterfront and its Hinterland including Rossfield Park
  • The Eastern Employment Zones – New Bridge Road / Stanlow / Ince