The Ellesmere Port Development Board’s Vision

The objectives of the Ellesmere Port Development Board are to:

  • Attract and encourage investment in Ellesmere Port to create local employment
  • Make people proud of Ellesmere Port as a place to live, work and visit

The board has identified the following place proposition for the town which reflects their aspirations and highlights the distinctiveness of Ellesmere Port:

Ellesmere Port is a place of work and positive activity at the heart of commerce, advanced industry and business in Cheshire.  It is a progressive, changing, forward looking and busy place where products, projects and ideas are conceived, developed and delivered.  Growth and energy are at the heart of Ellesmere Port with new housing developments, new retail investments, thousands of new students arriving in the new town centre West Cheshire College campus and significant investment occurring in its employment base through international companies ranging from GM Vauxhall, to Essar Energy and EA Technology.

Ellesmere Port offers:

  1. Great Value – utilising our affordability as a positive asset for businesses and residents
  2. Special Connections and Location – harnessing our strategic location and accessibility and ensuring better linkages between key destinations
  3. Our Green Blue Future – making the most of our assets of open space and waterways